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Meeting of the MIND

At MIND Financial, our experienced team are financial advisors and experts that offer optimal financial advice. 

Regardless of which stage of life you might be at, you can expect nothing less than excellence from us. 

We’re bound by the highest professional standards around the financial advice we provide, and the way we operate. 

This is reflected in our core values across the business. Our team will always: 

Act with Integrity 

We won’t tell you what we think you want to hear, instead we pride ourselves in having an honest and frank discussion about your financial situation. We’re genuine about earning your trust and giving you the best advice for your situation. 

Be Accountable

We hold ourselves and our clients accountable for every commitment that we make. We act with transparency to deliver this at all times.

Be Empathetic 

We believe in listening first and understanding what’s important to you. While financial matters can be a source of worry, we go out of our way to give you peace of mind. We’ll always treat you with respect and help you to make informed decisions about your finances. 

Show our Passion for Finance

We’re passionate about the role that money plays in all our lives. We understand the importance of making sound financial decisions, and we’re passionate about helping you to achieve what you set your mind to. 


Steve Martin

Strategic Financial Advisor & Coach

Steve takes the time to really listen to his clients to better understand their current situation and future goals. He makes sure to find out the level of support they need to feel on top of their finances now and into the future. Steve has studied broadly, holding qualifications in financial psychology and behavioural finances, as well as counselling and coaching methods to better understand his clients.


Terry Campbell

Financial Advisor & Insurance Specialist

Terry is passionate about what he does and takes his role in his clients' lives very seriously. When he says his clients can trust him, he means it. He knows trust is earned and will do everything in his power to deliver on every promise made. First and foremost, Terry likes to help people, which is how he got started in financial planning. In his words, "It’s very satisfying to know that you have helped people into a better financial position." 

Emma Weeks

Support Team 

While the team are focused on keeping track of your finances, Emma is keeping track of the team and keeping everything running smoothly. 


Alex Apostolou

Consultant - Entrepreneurial Mindset

& Cashflow

Alex has broad experience with small businesses and loves to connect with other people with an entrepreneurial aspiration. He’s solid with tracking cashflow for clients and helping them to understand their day-to-day finances.

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