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At MIND Financial, we offer a range of services to meet the various needs of our clients. From general advice and coaching for everyday financial wellbeing, to highly personalised advice carefully tuned to your specific situation, our experienced team can help. 

We believe in meeting you where you are at and giving you the choice of how we partner together. 

Financial Coaching & General Advice

  • For coaching and advice to help you with your everyday financial wellbeing, we offer a range of services that don’t require comprehensive details about your specific situation. Simply tell us what issues matter to you, and we’ll support you with general advice. 

  • These services include:
    •    Demystifiying financial aspects including insurance, superannuation, income and tax considerations.
    •    Understanding aspects about your general financial situation without going into specific products.
    •    Wellness checks to understand and improve your financial habits.
    •    Financial approaches for singles, couples, families and retirement planning.

Advice Options

Personalised Financial Strategy

For financial advice and practical strategies that are personalised and curated for your specific situation, we offer a range of services that include details about various financial products.


These services include:

  • Developing a financial roadmap that maps out the plan to reach your goals.

  • Outlining strategies for tax efficiency, insurances, and investments.

  • Cash flow and Savings management to optimise your day-to-day finances.

  • Proactive debt management to take control and reduce or eliminate debt.

  • Expanding your assets with property investment planning.

  • Superannuation planning.

  • Creating a lasting generational impact that aligns to your vision with Estate Planning and Legacy Planning

Personl Strategic Written Advice

Regular Reviews & Ongoing Advice

After receiving initial services from our advisors, you might wish to set up more regular or ongoing opportunities for advice. 

These services include: 
•    Reviews of your financial situation, either annually or at a frequency that suits you. 
•    Cash flow and contingency check-ins to ensure you on track to reach your financial goals.
•    Up-to-date financial advice allowing you to refine your approach as conditions change.
•    Revising goals to reach stretch targets if ahead of plan.

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Ongoing Advice Services

Are you concerned about cash flow?

If you’re wanting to stay on top of your day-to-day cash flow, this might be a great place to start! Our cash flow coaching tool can help you understand the limits of and pressures on your available cash. 

Sign up for your cash flow health check below!

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