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The Mind Financial Investment Philosophy establishes fundamental principles guiding our approach to capital allocation and management. Drawing from well-established theories in financial markets, asset valuation, behavioural finance, and risk, our philosophy is rooted in the preservation of capital and its purchasing power. We strategically assume investment risks, ensuring that projected returns adequately compensate for associated risks across a suitable timeframe.


  • The preservation of capital and its purchasing power is fundamental to our process

  • We take risk where our forecast returns adequately compensate for those risks over the relevant timeframe

  • The relationship between risk and return exists over the long term, but is not always consistent over shorter times frames

  • We prioritise valuation over price as assets will ultimately revert to their ‘fair’ value over time, but acknowledge markets are not always rational in their pricing or timing

  • We use diversification to cost effectively manage the risk of an uncertain future

  • Fees and taxes impact performance so their consideration is integral to our actions

The MIND Financial Investment Philosophy forms the cornerstone for crafting and delivering optimal investment solutions. Through the optimization of efficiency, effectiveness, and risk management, we empower our clients to successfully attain their investment goals and objectives. If you would like to see a deeper explanation of these principles please contact us to request a full investment philosophy document.

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